Today is Saint George and for celebrating the day, the students of 5th and 6th of Primary have written some poems. Here you have some of them. We hope you enjoy reading!!

Happy Saint George day and remember that reading is an open door to imagination. 

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I remember the mountain,
When I ran for the valley,
The smell of the grass
especially when it was sunny.
I remember the river,
when I swam in the water,
the fish jumping all the time,
especially when it was hotter.
I remember the birds,
When I listened to its song,
the melody was so pretty,
especially when it was long.
Débora R., 5th A student

My room has a bed,
and a chair that is red,
it has a door
and a wood floor.
It has dolls and a lot of balls,
this is my room,
and my mum says:
you must sweep it with a broom.
I hope that you like my poem,
bye bye people,and have a nice day,
like in the last month
that was May.
María Á., 5th A student


Once upon a time
a blue shoe
with white laces
it’s a baby shoe.
He liked kicking the ball,
playing sports
running races.
He always won.
One day he found
a very pretty shoe.
He said: I want to marry you
she answered: me too.
At the end they married.
They had three shoes
playing with them
Always was fun.
Josep Maria M., 5th A student

My house is cute and small,
Inside I play with a ball.
With my family I stay
and we love each other everyday.
My house is a perfect place
I see happiness in my face
my home is the best
Always is welcome a guest.
Adriana M., 5th B student

A mouse lives in my house.
The mouse in my house is small.
My house is small like the mouse
that live in it.
I enjoy living in a small house
with a small mouse.
My little house and my little mouse
is the best I have.

Víctor B., 5th B student


Colorful explosions,
that doesn’t hurt anyone,
with different shapes,
that’s what fireworks are.
The light in the sky
more fun and stranger,
as much as you see them,
you won’t be in danger.
It’s better to see
fireworks at night,
because in this way,
they will shine more bright.
Tània G., 6th A student


The summer has begun
let’s have fun in the sun.
With my friends I go to the pool,
it’s very cool.
An ice cream we can eat,
let’s go to the beach.
We are going to have fun
playing in the sand.
Aurea M., 6th A student
I want a pet,
to sleep with it on my bed.
It can be a dog
Or maybe I want a frog.
I would like a cat
To don’t be sad.
Or if I have a panda
I will call it Amanda.
I only want an animal
that can be rational.
That can be a friend
Until the end.
Lucía G., 6th A student

The school without children is empty
and in the playground, there isn’t a party.
I don’t enjoy staying at home
so, I hope better days come!
I’m waiting for the summer
to swim happy in the cold water
with my friends and my parents
and also, my sister!
I hope that the world be better
when all finish and write new letter.
I’m playing and doing cakes
and waiting for better days!
Marc B., 6th B student
I think when the virus will be gone
no one will be left alone,
everybody will get away
of being locked up every day.
I think when we can go outside
and we don’t have to stay inside,
we won’t be bored anymore
and we’ll run happy through the door.
Joan R., 6th B student

In the summer all my family and me went to the beach:
When I arrived to the beach,
I started eating a peach.
My brother started running under the sun,
he said: it’s fun.
My cousin was playing on the sea,
when he saw a bee.
My sister wants to have a starfish,
this is her wish.
All the family were playing with the ball,
when I catched wrong the ball and I fall.
Laia G., 6th B student

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